Draw Your Future


Two years ago I watched the TED talk, 'Draw your future' by Patti Dobrowolski and decided to give it a shot.

This was what the farmer and I came up with. At the time as you'll see in the bottom left corner, we were living in South Canterbury on an intensive, beef, dairy grazing and deer property. We had our 1995 Prado, our wee 110 year old rental house in Pleasant Point, a baby and a toddler. We had dreams, ideas, passions and the drive to build our networks.

At the tip of the orange arrow it shows where we want to go and how we want to get there. We wrote about agricultural technology, investments, building knowledge and surrounding ourselves by the right people.

At the top left you'll see an aeroplane reminding us to have fun. To not get so caught up in driving forwards in career, saving and work that we forget to have fun and make memories.

At the window you'll see my desire to work from home in a rural setting and to always continue education.

The top right shows the end goal we had in 2016. A farm, herefords, suffolks, stags, a clydesdale and our renovated large villa homestead.

When I did this, I'll be honest, I never thought it was something I would look at again or something that would have any effect on our future.

This was a long term plan, 5, 10, 20 years.

In the past two years the farmer and I both completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme at Lincoln University. We've launched a business around agtech. I work from home and work with as and with entrepreneurs. We network our socks off and it has lead to incredible opportunities including many public speaking events to build confidence and further networks.

We've sold our little old house, brought 11 acres of cheap land in an area of high growth and investment in an area we love and are planning to build this year. We've upgraded the 1995 Prado to a 2014 Colorado. The farmer is now at farm management level and smashing it.

We've changed our minds on farm ownership and are instead aiming for high level farm  management with our business, Virtual Insight, helping us invest in higher return options.

The plane? Our first overseas trip is coming up - 3 months until Tonga and my 30th!

Something we don't do well here in NZ is celebrate our wins and I'm very guilty of this. Achieve something and quickly move onto the next thing with no pat of the back. I think it's time to celebrate the wins!

Also - today is my last official day with Grass Roots Media to focus on my own business and projects 😢

If you'd like to watch the TED talk and give it a go I will pop the link in the comments.

Back yourselves, aim high, be bold, be brave! All those things could have you achieving the unimaginable 🖤