//Twenty Second of January//Change of direction//

4:50pm and I suddenly remembered - It's Sunday! 


I currently have 2 windows open, both where I am writing. The other window is '2017 Predictions' for Grass Roots Media, around what some of our 2016 contributors believe to be points of change in 2017 loosely based around the agriculture industry.


To give you an idea on how long it will take me to write this: It is now 5:02pm and I have answered 2 emails, dried and dressed two kids and turned the oven on for dinner (which all I know at this stage, contains broccoli)


So last week I spoke about Project1200 - Well the project is not going ahead. We did our figures and based on the type of land, the stock it can run and the return needed to service debt - it just wouldn't be worth it. Not impossible, but not a wise move with the uncertainty around the lease term.


This is quite a good thing in my books - it keeps life a little more stable for a while, less stress and more time to explore other options. One job has been applied for so far so now we sit back and wait. Neither of us are feeling rushed or under pressure as we both have secure jobs so for the meantime, we are going to enjoy the flexible hours and our weekends as a family.


It's now 5:22pm. I have ordered some Hopes Relief from an online pharmacy, cut up broccoli and chucked stuffed mushrooms in the oven.

On another note, Dave leaves for Lincoln on Tuesday morning (Kellogg) which after putting up with him busy and perhaps a touch nervous all weekend, I'm kinda looking forward to it! - Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?


This week my calendar is looking a bit nutty - at this rate I'll rarely be home with 5 different meetings in 3 different places with normal weekly work squeezed in between. Nothing like a challenge - the week will fly AND I get to starfish in the bed!!!


We have been thinking whether a 1-2 year long 'working abroad' trip would be the way to go for us for a LONG time. Years in fact. Canada has been at the top our list closely followed by the UK - to deer or elk farm of course! (Canada in Autumn - the things dreams are made of)


(7:30pm after dinner and baking and skyping) 


This week we went as far as putting ads on both LinkedIn and in some international deer farming Facebook groups. From then a couple has put it in the UK Deer Farmers Association Magazine! - So who knows what the future may bring. Essentially a NZ management position would be more convenient - but I'm up for an adventure!


This week, you may have seen, I gave up 20 days into the 'Whole30' (20 days of sensory deprivation) For the first 18 days I kicked ass and didn't flinch. Then life got busy, work picked up, meetings were being booked and I stopped being prepared. I then started skipping meals and got HANGRY, not to mention 12 days of 1hr+ work outs each day. I was tired - Helloooo Coke Zero and Hot chippies!


This weekend I have eaten relatively poorly but will crack back into some self control tomorrow and get back to no wheat (breads, crackers etc), natural sugars only and no alcohol. I'm wondering if 20 days on and 2 days off will help make it feel like it isn't a life sentence and help retain some control? Oh to have a fast metabolism and some self control!


Five days a week I am still up at 5:30am and I think it's getting easier. With Dave away for 8 nights I'm not going to be able to get to the gym or go for a run during sunrise :( So I'm going to have to make up for it in home workouts and running on the treadmill. Better than nothing and will aim for a run on Tuesday and Thursday while the kids are at kindy.

Last year I did not push myself when running. Instead I battled along at around 6:15-6:30 minutes/kilometer and seems to make barely any progress on that (Before having Hunter I was closer to 5:30/km). This week I finally kicked my own ass and in 2 runs did 3kms each under 6 minutes! It's a small win for you speedy types but I'm happy with that progress. I think it's partly because of my efforts at the gym for the past 6 weeks along with the better eating of the 'Whole30'... (Just realised that now, maybe it was the wholesome food and lack of sugar... damn...)


I still have a ridiculous amount of goal and timelines set for myself this year and every now and then I think 'SHIT' - How, When!? In the back of my head, I KNOW I will accomplish them but it can be overwhelming at times and I often wish I didn't need sleep to survive!


On a happy note - we've nearly sold all of the 1500 FMNZ Cook Books and will be donating $15,000 in the next few weeks!! I'm hoping we can convince Farmlands to stock them in store for us as the demand is still so high.


So, wish me luck, I'm about to go it alone!


(P.S. What a shame to journey into farm ownership is such a long and drawn out process - How is the industry meant to get more workers when there are no career paths...? #foodforthought)