//Twenty Ninth of January//Heavy lids and cool kids//

Thursdays blackcurrant picking. (Eating as much as these kids = black poo!)

Thursdays blackcurrant picking. (Eating as much as these kids = black poo!)

The last Sunday of January 2017.


How has it gone for you? Is it everything you imagined it would be?


So far I must say it's been a cracker, though I have some minor fails in with the wins.


I only survived 20 days of the whole 30 and with Dave being away and work being CRAZY, I haven't had the time to exercise. I never thought I would be looking forward to my 5:30am starts, gym visits and sunrise runs - but I am! Three sleeps to go before life returns to 'normal' and the job of parenting is shared again. Thankfully the kids have been great (90% of the time..)


As I mentioned, crazy week. New and existing GRM work contracts, FMNZ cookbooks, strategic planning and meetings, NZLCT meetings and met with Izzys new school principal - first school visit on Tuesday! Successful but exhausting week. I'm aiming for an 9pm sleep time tonight!

The kids stayed at Nanas house last night to give me a bit of a break which was nice but instead of chilling I cleaned kids rooms, upcycled (drawers to desk above), cleaned the fish tank aaaand worked... I'll never learn and because of that, I'm the walking dead today. I just keep holding onto the hope there will be a holiday on the horizon. The last non-work-related family holiday was a year ago now to Pauanui so I'm going to need get my thinking cap on for a midwinter getaway I think.


Despite the lack of a decent family holiday, we have been all over the show and this year looks to be similar. In early March I cover the online media for the West Coast Young Farmers Club regional final (Will take the family too). On the 17th of March I pop up to Auckland for the weekend to the WorldWoman17 Conference (Let me know if you are interested). Dave heads to Wellington for Kellogg block course #2 in April. I go to Wellington in May for the Kellogg Alumni Summit and in June Dave is back to Lincoln for his final Kellogg block course. Who knows what will happen between now and then but I'm sure it will be fun that's for sure!


This week I got the privilege of trying the new range of chocolate rolled blackcurrants from Viberi - Noir, Ruby (My personal fave) and Pearl. They are AMAZING and I have an admission to make - I had offered to photograph and bake with them but the kids and I ate them... all. Looks like I'll be putting in another order ASAP!! Stay tuned for some DELISH recipes and check out last years ones of which the raw blackcurrant slice I wrote is now in their official product flier! 




Also, I hope by the end of this week I will be able to tell you that I have secured 12 locations nationwide where you will be able to purchase the Farming Mums NZ cookbook! #watchthisspace


I had a fantastic meeting with a business development manager from a nationwide company who was incredibly supportive of my vision and hopefully it all comes to fruition so I can tell you more.


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do" - Mark Twain


I don't know about you, but I'm deadset that I won't have any regrets. Sure it means a crazy busy life but it's all about BALANCE remember!

This week I shared a post around what happens when you are with someone who puts out your fire (Find it here). Have you ever been in a relationship where every idea or thought or glimmer of excitement is dampened? I hope very much for your sake that you aren't right now and that if you are, you have other people to build you up.


Being married is a rough road at the best of times let alone when you aren't on the same page. (Which made me go looking for wedding photos - where are all the good ones of us together!?) I've never heard Dave so full of enthusiasm as he has been while away with 23 other future thinking leaders on Kellogg and I can't wait to see how his thoughts and plans have changed because of it all.


Unfortunately I have a bunch more computer work to get through while the kids watch the TV2 movie so I CAN get to sleep at a reasonable time and tomorrow I have a meeting from 1pm-5pm in town which will mean my morning will be at double speed!


Three sleeps to go - who want to place bets on the time of our first squabble ;) Haha! Night x