//Fifteenth of January//So it begins...//

Third week in a row! How consistent am I!?


Last week I was waiting to hear if Dave has secured funding for Kellogg and whether Project1200 was a goer. Well yes, Dave leaves for the Kellogg Rural Leadership Course on the 24th (Next Tuesday) for 8 nights! 

So that begins the crazy. It's a six month course with 3 block courses (Lincoln-Wellington-Lincoln) and will benefit him hugely - I completed it in November and loved it so hopefully it will clarify a few things and it's certainly sounding exciting for him!


Project1200 - Still waiting! It's been a slow and apprehensive process at this stage and this week we MUST know more and get things organised with Dave going away or it's going to be an interesting time for me when Dave is away! Fingers crossed we know more soon.


Although I officially wasn't starting back to work until tomorrow (the 16th) I cracked into it on Monday with many blogs and much scheduling to do. It was GOOD to be back in the swing of things!! 


On of my main jobs last week was creating two blog calendars for 2017. One for Farming Mums NZ and one for Grass Roots Media. So many interesting topics and quality writing on it's way. I can't even begin to fill you in but I will as we go - around 50 individual articles for each website!!


As of today I am officially halfway through the Whole30. Admittedly, I haven't been perfect but I am happy with my efforts thus far. It has still included 6 workouts per week. My only slip ups have been where there was sugar used to cure bacon and smoked chicken so I'm not writing that down as a fail!


Cravings haven't been too bad really. I have felt relatively strong most the time but have now got to the stage where I am sick of opening the fridge and seeing ingredients instead of a meal or a snack so I've found myself slacking off and nearly skipping meals instead. Last night I had pineapples and strawberries with coconut cream for dinner while the family had a home made pizza!


Yesterday we headed up to Peel Forest with the kids and walked 25 minutes up the Little Mt Peel track before letting them get too tired. We turned around and ventured down the fern track for a while before heading out. 


Dave is ridiculously competitive and was carrying hunter (12kg) on his back. Izzy (20kg) was getting tired so I piggy backed her for a while. Of course it turned into a who is tough enough scenario, followed by me taking off in a run, laying the challenge for Dave to run too with the kids giggling and squealing on our backs!


Once we got to the end, puffing like crazy, Izzy hopped down and we continued our run back down to the main car park. A good 'ol family work out that's for sure!

On the way home we were one of the first on scene to an accident on the main road where a car had run a stop sign. The lovely family from Auckland who were in the right, were very shaken but all uninjured. I made the 111 call and got to hang out with a wee 9 month old champ with half an hour! SO please everyone was OK but the cars were certainly written off.


I was thinking on the way home how everyone who stopped was everyone that was needed and the response and next steps were all so automatic. It's fascinating how everyone goes into auto-drive.  A lovely older english couple looked after the mum who was very upset and they did a fab job, I realised noone was on the phone when we stopped so got straight on the phone in the middle of the road while Dave went down to the car where the parents were just getting the kids out. Another family helped direct emergency services and brought their camping food over for the kids to munch on some watermelon and provide support. My brother was with us and kept an eye on our kids (Who were champs but full of questions) and the ambo team from Geraldine were fabulous. 


Not quite the end of the day that we expected but it sure got the adrenaline flowing and selfishly I loved being able to help.


In 2013  started my St Johns Induction Training including ride alongs from Ashburton. It has certainly made me think I would like to get back into it when the kids are older and we are closer to a station...


Any how, Saturday was topped off with watching 50 shades of grey (again) and Sunday has been lovely and relaxing with lots of one-on-one kiddy time and cracker weather.


Oh P.S. - Dave has come up with a new 1-year long project for me. Just what I need huh ;) 

Tonight we had an EPIC salad! I ate it too quick to take a photo. The whole family wolfed it down.

LOADED Smoked chicken and bacon salad

1 Smoked chicken breast and leg, diced

4 Rashers of bacon, sliced

6 Sun-dried tomatoes, sliced

2 Raw slices mushrooms, sliced

3 Boiled eggs, diced

4 Diced Baby Beetroot

A few handfuls of baby kale or spinach

1/2C Mixed seeds, toasted in the bacon pan (Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower)

Be generous with the pink sea salt and black and white cracked pepper!

Other additions could be diced gherkin, red or spring onions etc

Seeing as ALL store brought mayo and aioli has sugar in it, I made my own using the Annabel Langbein 'Speedy Mayo' recipe! I added about 1 tbsp of garlic in there too. Bloody good.