//Sixth of February//A quickie//

I'm actually kinda watching Inferno right now (It's good FYI) but I wanted to pop a quick word up before the long weekend is over. I'm doing this on my phone too so apologies for the potential lack of formatting.



Dave got home from 9 days away on Wednesday. Lets just say for the first 2 days I was ready to throttle him and by Saturday he'd finally come back down to earth while retaining much enthusiasm and many ideas. (Not a second too late) We also had Izzys first school visit which was exciting!



We had a forgotten about, but scheduled 9am-5m power outtage on Wednesday and Friday which happened to both fall on days that the kids were home rather than at kindy so the week ended up being a lot lighter on work than expected and included instead plum picking, bread making, fort building, going to the local dog trials and hijacking the inlaws WiFi to get SOME catch-up work done at the end of the week.



There is a topic I want to write about when I have some more time on my hands later in the week around identity but it's going to have to wait a few days while I get my week smoothed out.


In the meantime, keep an eye on www.grassrootsmedia.co.nz for a month of horticulture based blogs from across the industry including from 3 of my Kellogg buddies.


The reason I wanted to get this written and out in a hurry is to highlight how awesome the agriculture industry when it comes to people helping each other out - especially like ourselves. We are full of ideas and enthusiasm but really need the guidance of people who have been there before and understand what we are trying to achieve to help us get there.


If there is something you want to do, learn, be, find out, try, excel in, know ---- ask.


Seriouslý, just ask. You will be AMAZED at how people are happy to chat or help or coach or guide you. Build those networks, ask the hard questions and say yes because those people will undoubtedly be a big part of the picture of your future success!!



There are so many people I want to thank for their input and advice over the years and with out a doubt I wouldn't be where I am without their input and support.


You all KNOW who you are and I hope one day I can repay you for all your time and patience!


Chat later in the week x



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