//Eighth of January//What does 2017 look like?//

What does 2017 look like?

Who bloody knows. Ideally I would put off writing this for another week because in the next week there are 3 or 4 big decisions and 'things' that will mean our whole lives will either change completely, or largely stay the same.

So far, things have been good.

  • I'm writing a blog!? That wasn't even considered to go in the plan...

  • I am 8 days into the Whole30 and doing just fine. No alcohol after FAR too much in the past 2 months, no sugar, no grains etc. Paleo-esque.

  • I have worked out every day either by running, hiking, walking with 13kg kid on my back or working on some muscle at the gym

  • Dave has been flat out in the office in any spare time possible for the past 10 days drafting budgets and farm plans and locating animals ready to go should #1 HUGE decision go ahead. (Think lots of debt, 1200Ha and some fast moving! - We'll call it 'Project1200')

  • Kellogg for Dave went to being completely off the cards to perhaps back on them! (Funding issues) 8 nights away at the end of the month will kick that off and if Project1200 happens - I'll be running the place by day 4!

  • I finally relaxed and settled into the fact that I wasn't working or running around at 100 miles an hour and that it IS possible to stop for a bit. Trying not to think about how mental the next 3 weeks are going to be..


Now to sit back and watch the crazy begin!

As you can imagine if you read my last/first blog, you'll see that 2016 was mental but brilliant. You can't expect me to rest on my laurels after that can you!?

Dave has his mojo back, well helped by the dark purple arpeggio Nespresso pods (He's finally realised the secret to all my great ideas) and is pouring with energy like I was last year.


A few of these have changed already due to clashes and there may be further changes depending on Project1200

A few of these have changed already due to clashes and there may be further changes depending on Project1200

Here are some of my goals for 2017:

  • Exercise minimum 5x per week

  • Hadlow to Harbour run in March (10km)

  • Try Yoga (Carried over from 2016!)

  • Do x1 10km/month

  • Do x5 21km/year

  • Complete the Whole30 January

  • Get business #1 off the ground

  • Get the business #2 proposal and budgets finished and accepted. Commence 2018

  • Monthly date nights

  • Watch more 'Female Entrepreneur Association' webinars

  • Listen to TED talks when running on the treadmill in winter or at the gym

  • Complete the Spring Challenge on the 29th of September

  • Lose 20kg (Lets be honest, that's been carried over from every year since 2002)

  • Prep meals, sleep enough, don't burn out! (too often ;) )


"Be the calm, centered version of yourself. This is the most productive and inspiring version"


My 'theme' for my year was going to be 'The year of self-care'. As of right now though, I feel like it may become 'The year of taking big risks'

This year I plan to spend less time comparing myself to others and more time doing what I believe in. I will stick to my guns and surround myself with people who believe the same things and understand my goals and how they will go on to benefit the masses.

This isn't a secret so I will give you a little more information on business #1 -

You will have seen in my last blog that I changed my Kellogg topic midway through to 'Farming Mums NZ - The Next Step'. With oodles of networking, contacting, talking and support I have formed a business plan and I am halfway through the strategic plan. Once the strategic plan is finished (By the end of next week) I will formulate the budget (by the end of January) and by mid Feb I will be organising funding and commencing the build...

OK so I just made all those dates up right now.. Nothing like a bit of self made pressure right!

It is going to be really exciting. Since the paper was written I have changed and grown the idea a hell of a lot more, incorporating a number of 'futurist' ideas and funding looks like it won't be an issue! I would point you in the direction of my paper but I have decided to embargo it for 6 months until the build is complete as it now has some sensitive information included.

The whole project will benefit not only the 8200 FMNZ members but potentially the industry as a whole and I can't wait to see where it ends up (Especially as FMA - Farming Mums Australia, has recently grown from 50 members to nearly 250!)

I wish I could tell you more but I promise - it's not far away and it will be more than you ever imagined #watchthisspace!


So as you can probably tell, 2017 should be great BUT it will be HARD.

Hard work, Long nights, Big risks, Determination, Dedication and belief in myself and my ideas - All of which won't be possible without a lot of support... No pressure right - especially is Project1200 happens and I'm physically back on farm part-time too!... (More on that later)


There are 2 take away points I want to express to you as you go into 2017.

'If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Try going in to 2017 with a positive attitude. In every crappy or hard thing, look for the good bits. See an opportunity in every difficulty.

Another wee thing is about being competitive. I always thought I was competitive. Then I met my husband! Other women too!

I am not competing with you. I don't need to be the fastest, the smartest, the smallest or the best. The only person I am in competition with is my past self.

Never try to keep up with someone else for the sake of being the winner. Strive for your own goals and ideas and wins without that pressure.

It's YOU vs YOU.


Check out this sorta sad poem to remind yourself why you do what you do and what can happen if you don't do it well.


A gentle warning to myself...

A gentle warning to myself...