Calories, Carbs and Coffee

So this week hasn't gone fabulously after a slightly indulgent weekend (Think burger and pizza.... and wine) it's been hard to get my groove back!

We decided to get off farm to help hubby switch off a bit so took a roadie to Christchurch to catch up with friends for the night. The drive meant a burger and macarons. The dinner away meant pizza... and wine and the whole lot together meant zero exercise! - OOPs

It then went on and on. I managed to sneak away food shopping ON. MY. OWN on Monday morning at 8.30am - that in itself was super exciting (if you're a Mum, you'll understand this) and I stumbled across this....

After all the hype around the Whittakers blend from Lewis Road Creamery  (Which for the record I did enjoy and I appreciated the quality of both the chocolate and the full fat creamy milk!) I was really interested to see what the coffee one was like after hearing mixed reviews on it.

My conclusion is this - if you aren't much of a serious coffee drinker, or if you like it weak and sugary - you wont like this drink. Thankfully for me - I LOVE strong coffee and I don't drink it with sugar - meaning this plays to my tastebuds perfectly. So it's a winner for me but I know it wont be for everyone - I'm really looking forward to trying the vanilla one now which I have also heard mixed reviews on.

As a side note - it is lightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar which is quite an original 'hip/2015' spin on sweetening! - Happy as!


Now if you think this was unhealthy (think over 400 calories in 300mls and almost 7 teaspoons of sugar!!!) then sadly the rest of my week hasn't gone much better...

It was wet and miserable on Tuesday with a high of 7 degrees meaning the fire and comfort food was what crept into mind. Then came the thoughts of Chelsea Winters 'Oaty Ginger Slice' - FULL of sugar, carbs and butter! At this stage I'm still thinking it was totally worth it and by the time hubby got into it and I gave some away - I didn't eat THAT much.... *gulp*

I made it in a smaller tin than I would usually as my usual slice tray had a divine giant lamb leg in it

I made it in a smaller tin than I would usually as my usual slice tray had a divine giant lamb leg in it

Of course after something so sweet, the desire for something salty appears right? So in my burst of energy came some crackers. Not just any 'crackers' but the most divine recipe from Annabel Langbein and man they are good! 

These are Annabels 'Sesame Lavosh Crackers' and they rock. This time we flavoured them with garlic powder and dried oregano. Once we rolled them paper thin we cut them into shape and lay them on a baking paper lined tray. Gave them a light brush with some olive oil and a sprinkle with pink himalayan sea salt and baked them until lightly golden. 

These officially lasted from 4pm to 9am - four trays!

BBQ Roasted lamb on a stack of fresh rosemary

BBQ Roasted lamb on a stack of fresh rosemary

A home raised, killed and dressed lamb was the piece de resistance and the left overs went on to become pies the next day.

Next week will be different... better, I hope! I'm trying to work out how to shake things up a bit. More of a mind-body-spirit type shake up. I need to get running again a it's been 12 days now and refocus a bit. In an ideal world I have 6kg left to go before Christmas so I can then gorge on Nanas/Mums Rum Balls and cheese. Lots of cheese!