Kiwifruit Cheesecake with a customised nut base

After speaking to a friend on Wednesday about cheesecake flavours (as you do) I decided to mix a tried and true slice base with a tried and true cheesecake mix and topping that my husband usually makes. (Yes, you read that right - a farmer who excels in cheesecake making)

The base I would usually use in a ginger slice features here in replacement of a biscuit base meaning we've straight away cut out all those refined sugars and nasties! The mousse-like cream cheese filling is a huge exception to my usual 'clean' eating type ways as there IS sugar in there (gasp!)

Paleo inspired nut and seed base

Paleo inspired nut and seed base

Chokka full of nuts, seeds, dates and butter - it's not your traditional cheesecake base but it sets solid and gives a really delish texture and natural sweetness

I made 2 wee samples for a friend who manages a local cafe (yes I am a little jealous I don't have a cafe ;) ) and they seemed to go down OK - no one gagged, choked, spluttered or cried so I'm taking that as a win.

The way I have made and whipped up the cheesecake filling keeps it really light and mousse-y (No I don't think that is a real word....) and the topping is light and tart to help balance out the other two sweeter elements. 


Also feel free to take some creative licence over the base ingredients, interchange nuts and seeds to suit what you have in the cupboard or prefer.

Now, enough chit-chat, more recipe!

Spot what is wrong with this photo. My favourite shot was photobombed but it represents my life quite accurately...

Spot what is wrong with this photo. My favourite shot was photobombed but it represents my life quite accurately...

Kiwifruit Cheesecake


2 cups of nuts (Today I used 1 cup cashews and 1 cup almonds)

200gms of seeds (Today I used 100gm sunflower seeds and 100gm pumpkin seeds)

20 dried dates (Because Medjool are expensive!)

50gms of melted butter or coconut oil

1 tsp of dried ginger

- Blast all of this together in a strong food processor to a texture of your liking and press it firmly into the base of a lined cake tin. You may find that the recipe is too large for your liking so reserve some to crumble over yogurt and fruit.



250gms of cream cheese, softened

3/4 cup of caster sugar

250ml cream

a splash of vanilla extract or 1/2 a tsp of vanilla powder

4 Tbsp of warm water

2 tsp of powdered gelatin

- Whip together the cream cheese and sugar. (I would advise using a cake mixer if you have one to save your arms here) then set aside while you whip the vanilla and cream together until if forms soft peaks.

- Fold both components together ensuring to keep it light and airy. 

- Dissolve the powdered gelatin into the warm water until smooth - if you need to heat it further to combine, use a bain marie set up.

- Lastly fold this though the creamy mixture and pour over the base.



3-4 kiwifruit (Around 200grms)

2 Tbsp of warm water

1.5 tsp of gelatin

Squeeze of lemon (optional)

- Whizz the kiwifruit into a puree, add the dissolved gelatin (using the same method as above)

- Taste. If you like it quite tart like me, squeeze in half a lemon for more of a kick

- Pour over the creamy filling and set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.


Bonus Tip:

If you keep the quantities of fruit vs gelatin the same, interchange them as much as you please. Some variations we have used in the past include strawberry, black doris plum, apricot and blueberry :)