//Eleventh of February//Who am I?//

It can be hard enough deciding who you are, what you love, what to do, who to be, BEFORE having kids and to be fair, before kids I had NO IDEA. I could never settle for the 9-5 or accept the idea of working for other people all of my life. I have never been great at following rules or accepting the status quo. I want more. To do more, be more, help more.

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//Sixth of February//A quickie//

Dave got home from 9 days away on Wednesday. Lets just say for the first 2 days I was ready to throttle him and by Saturday he'd finally come back down to earth while retaining much enthusiasm and many ideas. (Not a second too late)

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//Fifth of January 2017//A Look Back at 2016//

So this was never meant to be a 'Dear Diary' type blog. 

We all know that social media is typically just someones highlights reel. All the things you want people to see and none of the negative. I also don't like to be opinionated or controversial - I dislike conflict (Dave would disagree with that statement). I also like a degree of privacy.

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Blackcurrant Cheesecakes

I popped down to Viberi on Monday to pick up some more blackcurrants - meaning I get so have some experimenting fun again!

I felt like something quite decadent today so made some nut and ginger bases with a rich blackcurrant top. I did consider doing a jelly type top but I fizzled out and didn't quite get that far.....

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Gems among the Oxalis

Oxalis... My foe... It cannot be beaten.

We moved to this house in October 2014. I had spent a month or so before we moved, starting on the veggie garden, pulling weeds and trying to tidy it up. (at 8 months pregnant) I planted a load of potatoes, some broccoli, carrots, spring onions and I can't even remember what else

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Deerly Beloved - A gift box with a difference!

Thing is, I am time poor and it's only getting worse - so I have a wee trick and tool to share with you to get something beautiful and useful for a pregnant friend, employee or family member, with little effort, allowing more time to actually spend with Mum and bub or get some meals ready for them. We all know flowers are lovely to have and look at but why not provide a practical point of difference?

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Orokonui Ecosanctuary, Dunedin

I was lucky enough to be shown a real gem last week that I previously knew nothing about, in the form of the Orokonui Ecosanctuary just north of Dunedin.

Orokonui is a 307Ha, predator free, native filled, ecosanctuary based near coastal Dunedin and contains a large majority of New Zealands protected birds and plants and more.

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Apple Cider - Au Natural!

I have used this recipe for 3 years now using local apples from near unused orchards where we have been lucky enough to live. I tend to use tart cooking apples to help combat the sugar needed for the alcohol fermentation

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House Reno Part 3/3 - Shabby finishing touches

Nearing the end of the reno, my drive and excitement had started to wane and everything started to go a bit sloooower. The end product makes it all worth it and it was quite an achievement by everyone involved. It's hard to believe it only finished 4 months ago - feels like I have accomplished something for 2015! 

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House Reno Part 2/3 - Bathroom + Bath restoration

The bathroom was a major bargaining tool in this house purchase. It didn't look like this when we first took a look but it was still pretty horrendous. The walls were primed as you can see here above the missing gib and there was a cast iron bath along the back wall with an awkward basin sitting at the end of it to the right.

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The Farm Barn Cafe - Fairlie

A flaw in my families savings plan is our love of food! During the week we have creative menu's - trying food from different ethnicities or we try something for a week, such as; Low carb-high fat, Paleo, Vegetarian or what ever else tickles our fancy.

When hubby gets the weekend off the farm, we know our bank account is in for a work out!

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